12278981_777235309066532_8047448247190340452_nA Simple Path seeks to educate and equip the community’s homeless to be healthy and self-sufficient through food and nutrition training, as well as physical and spiritual nourishment.

Kim Jagoe was director at St. Benedict’s homeless shelter when she realized the need and interest in food and nutrition education amongst the homeless and poverty stricken. She decided to step down from her position of three years and further her education by going to Sullivan University in Louisville to study nutrition, sanitation, and various culinary preparations. She returned as Personal/Private Chef Kim Jagoe, ServSafe Certified and ready to go to action.At culinary school, Kim met Christin Pelsor, and shared her vision with her. Christin was always supportive of Kim, but when circumstances led Christin to Newburgh, IN, just 30 mins from Owensboro, she took it as a sign from God and eventually agreed to partner with Kim and share in her vision.The Chefs have partnered with New Life Church to turn their current soup kitchen into a Training and Reverse Soup Kitchen. A Simple Path is the program in which students (who come from homelessness and poverty) learn nutrition, sanitation, meal preparation, and menu selection. Then, for Friday lunch, they serve the public the food they’ve prepared on a donation basis. All funds are put back into the program, and let A Simple Path have more students!