Adrienne’s House is a transitional living space for women who desire freedom from homelessness. It is our hope this place is a spring board to a new life full of love and hope.

Our vision is to build up this community by eliminating homelessness one person at a time. In the near future we are wanting to have Resource classes that teach each lady how to get back on their feet. Adrienne’s House runs only on donations and there are many needs. One way to help is “Back on Their Feet” 6 week sponsorship. This is what the expense is for getting a lady back on her feet.

1. Bus Pass for one month;
2. Night Shirt, socks, sweat pants, undergarments, flip flops;
3. Gloves, coat, scarves;
4. Shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrush, Comb and brush;
5. Resource Classes
6. Doctor’s visit
The cost is $125.00 for a 6 week sponsorship.If you would like to sponsor a lady or make a one time donation to Adrienne’s House, our contact information is below:
 New Life Church