New Life Church is committed to seeing the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs met with anyone we come into contact with!  Donate today to help us expand our ministries and connect an even greater number of people to Jesus Christ. Below you will see a list of current projects as well as our future project list. If you would like to make a donation, click the donation button below. If you have questions about these projects and would like additional information please contact our church office (270) 683-5626 or e-mail Todd Camp.

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Pave Parking Lot

Our parking lot is in need of replacement. The cracks and loose asphalt are cause for concern with our insurance coverage and safety during church activities.

Total Cost: $30,000


Third Floor Renovation

Our third floor is currently vacant and in need of serious renovation. Once renovation is complete we intend to open a education center. This will be a central spot in West Owensboro for the community to receive assistance with education and health services. Below is a list of items needed in order for the third floor to be operational.

HVAC unit: $10,000

Carpet: $12,000

Bathrooms: $10,000

Windows: $8,000

Total Cost: $40,000

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